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IOS and Android App Development

Have a great app idea, but don’t know what to do? Geeks Online are masters in translating ideas into reality. We have expert IOS and Android developers ready to build your App and help get it published in the App Store or Google Play. Perhaps you’re looking for an internal business app; no problems, we can help you there too!

One of the misconceptions people have is it costs a small fortune to develop an app; well, we’re not going to lie, it could if you choose the wrong developer. The reality is, app development is no longer out of reach for small businesses; development costs have dropped and technologies improved, meaning apps can be built for less than 20% of what they did just 5 years ago.

Geeks Online provides a cost-effective solution to get your app up and running fast – on a modest budget. Whether it is an online ordering system, database application or reporting tool, we have the in-house knowledge to make it happen.

Our mobile app development involves:

  • Consultation – During the consultation phase, we meet with you to discuss your idea and sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) if required. This is really an informational gathering session to map out your requirements and identify any potential issues before development begins.
  • Specification – A detailed specification is provided to you for review, and once approved, development begins.
  • UI/UX and Prototyping – During this phase, our design team works on creating the perfect UI/UX experience for your app.
  • Coding – Our development team translates the design into fully functional code, ready for deployment
  • Publishing – If required, we assist in publishing your app to the App Store and/or Google Play

Contact us today to discuss your big idea – we’d love to make it happen!

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Development solutions

Web Design, Coding & Software Development

Our remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform continually monitors the stability and security
of your IT network so you can experience maximum network uptime, increase your efficiency and focus
on your core business functions.

Available services:

Web Design &
Prototype Services
Website Coding
& Installation
Responsive Mobile
& Tablet Design
App IOS + Android

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