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Have you ever opened a website on your mobile device and noticed those annoying scrollbars, or graphics that extend past the edge of your screen with no way to view the content? What you are seeing is a website that has been designed exclusively for desktop monitors.

According to a Neilson online ratings study, more people are using mobiles and tablets then traditional desktops, and have been doing so since 2014. Don’t risk losing more than 50% of potential customers through poor design practices. The perfect website requires a consistent look and feel, no matter what device it is viewed on.

At Geeks Online we specialise in creating responsive websites that adjust content to suit mobile devices and maximise overall user experience. Our approach involves:

  • Take a mobile first approach; i.e. design for smallest screen size and scale up from there
  • Consider potential customer usage on mobile devices and adjust content to suit
  • Prioritize layouts for mobile devices
  • Design navigation elements to scale appropriately
  • Optimise images for speed
  • Use appropriate font sizes and spacing to improve usability
  • Design mobile friendly forms, optimized for touch interaction
  • Conduct usability testing on multiple devices

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Development solutions

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